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LIS wins German International Schools Charity Run

LIS wins German International Schools Charity Run

The results are in and it should be of no surprise, considering how many of our community members contributed to this event and how awesome they were, that Leipzig International School won!
Actually we didn’t just win… we ended up winning by a massive 3,432.85 kilometres! An incredible effort!

Here are the Top three schools:  

             1. Leipzig International School:    9,842.21 km
             2. Bonn International School:       6,409.36 km
             3. International School Stuttgart:  3,517.82 km

The LIK team also organised various events to get the little ones involved. So the children of the Leipzig International Kindergarten were able to contribute a total of 600.00€ (300€ was collected by the children themselves through participation in the charity run and 300€ was donated anonymously) and LIS is still collecting this week and we will announce the final amount at the end of the week. This sum will be donated to Haus Leben e.V. in Leipzig.
For further interesting details and pictures of all our winners please click here

Leipzig International School

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